We are not a traditional food delivery company. We have developed a new, innovative food delivery platform that is completely different from every other method of food delivery out there.

FoodChoo empowers everyone in the food delivery ecosphere. On our platform, drivers make a living wage, restaurants increase sales significantly from within their local communities and consumers can purchase a variety of fresh, hot meals delivered in minutes with speed and convenience.

FoodChoo is Food Delivery 3.0 - THE FUTURE OF FOOD DELIVERY.

FoodChoo was designed and created around the possibility of getting people hot fresh meals in the fastest time possible. Our outside the box approach to food delivery is to build a sustainable business model that connects vibrant communities of local restaurants along with the people that live, work and even vacation in the area.

OnDemand! Now! Food Delivery and our

innovative Pop-Up Menu

With FoodChoo, the world's only OnDemand! Now! Food Delivery Platform, small, local restaurants FIRST prepare and package awesome meals, THEN these meals are sent out with a driver and made available for immediate delivery. Any local eater with the foodchoo eater app can see what is available for immediate delivery in their area and order accordingly. All purchases should be delivered in minutes


This is our second major innovation. Push notifications are sent out by restaurants when there are hot meals out for delivery. This allows consumers in the local community to purchase these items immediately. The FoodChoo push notification system is designed to provide a range of settings so that the consumer has the ultimate control of how they experience using the FoodChoo platform.


This is our first major innovation. Pop-up menus are created by restaurants and made available through the FoodChoo - OnDemand! Now! Food Delivery platform. The items available for sale in the Pop -Up menu are the only items that are in the delivery vehicle. These items are available for immediate delivery and are only listed in the Pop-Up menu. When the driver sells out of items the Pop-Up menu goes away.

Live Menu

Once a restaurant sends out a push notification. The driver will appear on the map of the eater app, and the consumer just has to tap on the driver to see the Pop-Up menu of items available and purchase accordingly. Any consumer in the local area with the FoodChoo eater app can see all the drivers in the area, even if push notifications are set to off.

Discount Offer

If a restaurant has decided to offer a discount if the hot food hasn’t sold out in a certain time then you will also see a discount level on the Driver pin. Grab yourself a discounted meal deal!

Tap to order and pay.

And finally you can see the Driver coming to you in real time - often they’ll be 5 minutes away from you or less.

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