Food Delivery 3.0

Food Delivery 3.0

How does FoodChoo let you order food and have your freshly prepared meals delivered to you in just minutes? We do it with the greatest innovation in food delivery the world has ever seen:

OnDemand! Now! Food Delivery and our

innovative Pop-Up Menu

Through our FoodChoo app with you can select from a number of popular menu items available on temporary pop up menus from your favorite local restaurants who will then give these items to their own delivery drivers a number of their most popular menu items that are available on temporary pop up menus, and that Driver then is ready to bring them to you as soon as you order. That food can be hot or cold, and range from pizzas and burgers to coffee and crepes - and anything and everything in between! (we actually have 30+ cuisine types for you!)

Live Menu

You can tap any driver that has food you like, and see the details on that menu item they’re holding onto now.

Discount Offer

If a restaurant has decided to offer a discount if the hot food hasn’t sold out in a certain time then you will also see a discount level on the Driver pin. Grab yourself a discounted meal deal!

Tap to order and pay.

And finally you can see the Driver coming to you in real time - often they’ll be 5 minutes away from you or less.

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