Earn more per hour
With less stress

We’re here to make your food delivery WAY more profitable for you!

How It Works

Become a registered Driver with us! Download the app <<<popup modal for both google / apple store download links>>, and apply. Our approval process can take up to 7 days.

Find your Restaurant in the app and connect with them (or they can connect with you)

Start your SHIFT

Your Restaurant / Establishment will then assign you a certain number of food items to hold for up to an hour. This is the main difference to FoodChoo and all other platforms.

Deliveries will come in, you make them!

Annnnnd... EARN!

If you are working for multiple Establishments, we'll show you what you're owed in tips from each of them: 100% transparency. We'll also show you how much distance (Km / Miles) you've driven each day to help you in your tax reporting.

Sounds like more of the same. What’s different with FoodChoo then?

Yup, you’re used to driving but you’re not used to where we said you’d be assigned a certain amount of menu items by your Establishment, right?

You ONLY Drive for one Restaurant / Establishment You ONLY drive for (usually) a maximum of one hour!
You make more in that one hour than 6 hours at other food delivery platforms

Sounds too good to be true?

Nope, we’ll explain what our On Demand! Now!™ technology means for you as a Driver, and why we say you’ll earn more in an hour as a driver using our app than with competing food delivery apps:

With FoodChoo, you’ll be driving for only a single restaurant. You will likely be a Staff member of that restaurant already, or they will ask you to work for them directly through the app.

What happens is that the restaurant is known for maybe a few menu items in your local area.

You agree to work deliveries for the breakfast rush, the lunchtime rush, or maybe even the evening dinner rush.

The restaurant will make a number of the same menu items and then assign them to you to carry in your satchel or bag.

As soon as the restaurant taps the deal is live, then your first orders will come in straight away as Eaters can see you’re only a few minutes away from them AND THEY DON’T HAVE TO WAIT AGES FOR THE ITEMS YOU’RE ALREADY CARRYING!

You ONLY drive for (usually) a maximum of one hour!

OK, so now you know the main difference on what On Demand! Now!™ food delivery actually is, let’s blow your mind with how that’s going to make you more money in just an hour!

Following on from above, you know you’ll be driving around the very local area to the restaurant with menu items already with you.

Now assuming they’re hot items such as fries, then you want to have them all delivered well inside an hour - noone wants hour-old cold and limp fries, right?

You will be receiving orders and SHOULD sell out long before that hour is up - and because you’ve made many deliveries in that hour - each of those deliveries will hopefully have tips with them - we always remind the Eaters to tip you.

You make more in that one hour than 6 hours at other food delivery platforms

So you’re making very local deliveries, and can easily make 6 deliveries or more, in that single hour.

That’s 6x tips in 60 mins or less.

Less stress. More money for you.

Start earning NOW!