How to sell your food on FoodChoo in 6 minutes.

Step 1:

Once logged in, create your first menu item

You can add unlimited menu items in FoodChoo, and you can make their descriptions and photos POP for Eaters to want to grab your food as soon as it's available! You can also set the optional discount timer to ensure menus that contain time-sensitive food items such as fries, is still sold to Eaters who are still hugely happy to grab your discount for these time-sensitive fries!

Step 2:

Your verified Driver opens their FoodChoo Driver app and starts their shift

This is one of the "special sauce" parts of our FoodChoo platform - the Drivers are YOUR OWN STAFF, not ours! Your Drivers are verified by us, but they work exclusively for you.

Step 3:

Create your new popup menu for today, adding which menu items and how many you'll be giving to your Driver.

You can assign a minimum of one item, or however many you think you can sell during this Driver's shift! Remember your optional discount timer should ensure all assigned menus are sold out though.

Step 4:

Your Driver will be notified so they can make their way into your restaurant.

Step 5:

Assign menu items to your Driver.

We'll then immediately notify all matching Eaters in your area that your menu items are available for delivery right now - they'll be literally MINUTES away (seriously, we're talking 1-5 minutes away from your Driver most of the time!)

Step 6:

You'll see the orders on the app in real time - as well as your Drivers' live locations and Eater wait times. It's all built to be as hands-off as possible, whilst making it simple for you, your Drivers and Eaters to order from you!

Start Selling NOW!